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Meia Booker

DreamHer Digital Marketing Roadmap

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Your Digital Marketing Roadmap


This comprehensive bundle kit features 3 ebooks that provides step by step guide for creating and selling your own digital product within 30 days or less.


Ultimate Faceless Digital Marketing Playbook- over 137 pages designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and strategies to excel in the digital landscape without revealing your face. (valued at $147)

Unleashing the Power of Social Media Guide- over 134 pages to help you create compelling content and driving conversions. (valued at $97)

Scroll Stopping Secrets- this guide features captivating hooks and captions that will transform your online presence and enhance your engagement and growth! (valued at $77)



- Identifying Lucrative Niches: Uncover the secrets to identifying profitable niches and targeting the right audience without showing your face.

- Mastering Reels: Learn how to create engaging and captivating reels that drive audience engagement and boost your online presence.

- Email Marketing Strategies: Discover effective email marketing techniques to build and nurture relationships with your audience and drive conversions.

and more!

*Due to it being digital products, there are no refunds or exchanges.