About Me

Meet Meia

Meia Booker, is a Business Coach, Author, Influencer, Cataylst, Entrepreneur, Licensed Practical Nurse, Wife and Mother. Meia has been an entrepreneur for over 5 years. Meia's very first company was launched in 2018, InspireU. After launching that company, Meia would go on to start 4 more businesses! 

 Meia is very passionate in assisting other women in launching their dream business confidently and successfully. Meia has faced many challenges in her own businesses that cost her a great deal of time and money but Meia was able to overcome those challenges and revive her businesses back to life! From 2022 until now, Meia has helped a multitude of women launch or revive their current business to blossom and flourish! 

Meia looks forward to helping you launch the business of your dreams!